the FIRM.

At birth, we were all designed with a unique stamp, something to set you apart from other human beings.  A fingerprint.  Although, a fingerprint is not something that we have control over, it is predetermined for us.


Design, on the otherhand, is an opportunity to create an environment that is uique to oneself.  One's sense of style is influenced by a variety of sources, which may include location, parents, living cnditions, emotional state, the weather, occupation, etc.  It would seem as though the design possibilities are endless, and yet, in many ways you are limited.  Designing a home is a reflection of your personal style and taste.  It is a visual representation of your personality and mood.  And more importantly, it is a lifestyle.


As an interior designer, it is my job to determine what that style is and work to create a space that truly represents you.  I try to bring individuality to each project, to avoid recreating spaces.  Much like a fingerprint, the design should be yours, and yours alone.


Jamie Lynn Aguinaldo is the owner and founder of Identity Design LLC.  Over the years she has worked in various fields of design, including fashion, as well as interiors. In 2010 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kean University with a BFA in Interior Design.  With over 9 years of experience in the field of design, Jamie has finally decided to open up the doors to her own firm, in the hopes of reaching clients on a more prsonal level.  It is important to not only have a fine tuned eye for design, but to be able to collaborate with the client to create something that you can both be proud to put your stamp on.  The most rewarding aspect of design is knowing that your client is satisfied with the end result.


Jamie is currently residing in Asbury Park, NJ where she is inspired by local artists and the fresh ocean air. 

Identity Design serves clients throughout New Jersey, with a focus on Monmouth and Ocean Counties.